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About RCN

Profile of Rialto Community Network

Rialto Community Network is a community development project based in Rialto area of Dublin.  We work to address poverty disadvantage and social exclusion in this area of South West Dublin City.  The Organisation acts as a community resource to all residents and groups in combating theses issues.

The Network is a dynamic organisation which year on year develops organically.  However, we hope that in the next few years, with the support of our funding bodies, our capacity for work will be greatly enhanced.  There are many avenues which could be progressed or explored further and we are hopefull that we will be given the support and resources needed to achieve this.

Rialto Community

Aims and Objectives of the Organisation

The emphasis of Rialto Community Network is specifically on disadvantage –  it seeks to be a resource to the whole of Rialto. It acts as a community resource by being a channel of information/mediation/capacity building/conflict resolution and by providing material and technical assistance to those requiring support.

Mission Statement

Rialto Community Network was established to address poverty, disadvantage and social exclusion in the greater Rialto area. The organisation acts as a community resource whose core aims are to:

  • Assist existing organisations involved in Social and Community Development in Rialto to improve and develop their capacity to plan, manage and operate new services and programmes
  • Facilitate more effective partnership and co-ordination of the various agencies, services and organisations operating in the Rialto area
  • Address issues of childcare, families at risk, drugs use, integration of new communities, work with older people unemployment and community policing in the Rialto area
  • Contribute to any other community development, education and training initiatives aiming to counter poverty in Rialto.


Target groups of the organisation

Those affected by poverty and disadvantage in Rialto including: older people, new communities, drug users, lone parents, those affected by physical and social regeneration.

Activities of the Organisation

The main projects and activities with which the Network is involved are:

  • Work      with older / retired people to enable them combat loneliness, keep active      and contribute their skills and knowledge to the wider community.
  • Integration      work with immigrants
  • Working      with those experiencing difficulties as a result of drug dependency
  • Rialto      Development Association
  • Canal      Communities Partnership
  • Rialto      Day Care Centre
  • Dolphin      Crèche
  • Dolphin      Homework Club
  • Dolphin      Community Development Association, Dolphin Park Older People’s Project and      Dolphin House Voluntary Groups Forum
  • Rialto      Springboard Project
  • Barnardo’s      Rialto Family Centre
  • Local      Policing Forum
  • Rialto      Maryland Area Action Plan
  • Drop-in      information service
  • Administration      support to local groups
  • Capacity      building with groups working in our community

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